Getting a Hold of People

I spend a significant amount of time trying to get a hold of people and have a few different techniques that I’ve used to do so. I’d love to hear back from you if you have any additional tools or ideas. Just leave a comment below with your technique.

  • Call at different times in the day and do not leave a message. Most people will answer their work phone when they are at their desk if they are not currently in a meeting or on a call. (Do not use this technique with their cell phone.)
  • Try multiple numbers. Make sure you have the work, home, and cell numbers of those contacts that you need to get in contact with the most often.
  • Leave more than one message a week on their phone. Depending whom the individual is I will sometimes leave 2 or 3 messages a week.
  • Use Gentle Persistence… don’t accuse them of not answering your call or get verbally frustrated with them, you want them to feel like they have a clean slate every time you leave a message.
  • Get to know their assistant. An assistant is often the gateway to the individual and they know when their boss will be available and when is a good time to call.
  • Try an email and call combo. When I have a little question I find leaving a brief phone message followed by a short email mentioning your call can be one of the most successful ways to get a quick response.

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