Campaign Volunteer Recruitment

April 21, 2012

Is it better to commit a campaign commmittee member to giving and a job description or engage them slowly?

The simple answer is yes. If you have volunteers that you can go to and ask to get heavily involved in campaign fundraising, it is always prefered to set high expectations from the start.

However, most organizations do not have a large quantity of major gifts level volunteers who are willing to invite there friends to join them in giving. And, if your organization does have these people they are likely on your board.

Practically you will seed your committee with a couple of solid board members, maybe one of them will help co-chair the committee. The rest of the committee often takes more work to engage. In fact, talking with someone that is not too close to your organization about a list of respondsibilities and making a gift will result in a lot of nos. If you can start a volunteer off with attendance and some fun work then move into a conversation about giving they will often be very ready to engage.

What has been your experience? Do you always use a job description and have a formal recruitment process for committee members? Or, do you take a longer more informal recruitment approach (I am not talking about board membership)?