The Next Big Thing… Technology?

December 28, 2007

As a nonprofit today you have the opportunity to be creative and try new things you never have before. With use of email & the internet there is the opportunity to reach a greater and more diverse audience than ever before. Through mail merges and online prospect research there is the ability to personalize communication. Through blogging and e-newsletters current information is more readily accessible.

In such a technological world I think that it would be wonderful to see more CEOs or Executive Directors blogging about the work of their nonprofit. I am very happy when I see an organization sending out a quick e-newsletter update on a project area that the organization is working with or creating a distribution email to engage experienced volunteers in urgent projects.

Check out this post about what could happen in 2008 from a great blog called Tactical Philanthropy. I encourage you to try some new ideas and new fundraising programs. If you are a small non-profit your organization is often a lot more nimble and has the opportunity to try some new creative programs and I’d love to hear about them (write a comment and let me know about what you are doing). Another new and developing area in fundraising is cause marketing here is a great post on how to start from a blog called Selfish Giving.