Nonprofit Blog Carnival

March 31, 2010

Nonprofit Giving CarnivalI am hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival (last month’s carnival).  I was amazed at what a great response we had this month. Thank you all for your incredible submissions. Because we had so many submissions I’ve taken a few of my favorites to tell you about and included a listing of the others below. Take a few minutes and read through the headlines that stand out to you. There are some really tremendous posts that were submitted.

Joe with The Fundraising Authority posted, How Anyone Can Be a Superstar Fundraiser. If you have an executive leader or board member that wants to fundraise does not feel like they have what it takes or is afraid of fundraising make sure they read his post.

Matt with Matt’s Fundraising Blog started a great conversation on his blog about choosing your CEO and what to look for, Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Me What You Want. Check out his post for the top 5 traits to look for in a new leader including a number of reader submitted traits as comments.

The conversation on Matt’s Fundraising Blog continued on Janet’s blog Too Busy to Fundraise where she talks about the role of the board in hiring the CEO, The OTHER Board Responsibility. She describes two kinds of board responsibilities governance and fiduciary responsibilities including fundraising. I thought that was a beautiful way to synthesize the important roles a board member should play.

Another great Board Member post was submitted by Social Velocity, 7 Things Board Members Can Do To Raise More Money. My favorite is number 6, “Articulate Why Someone Should Give.” I saw this as modeling a perfect donor or volunteer. A good board member that can articulate why someone should give needs to give financially, engage their friends, and have a passion for the organization.

Not every post submitted was connected to Board Members or Executive Leaders. SOFII posted, Swipe Files, Revealed, on the value of creating a file of what other nonprofits are doing and ideas that work and don’t work. I posted on a similar topic a few weeks ago, Copying Good Ideas. The more we can do together to advance the fundraising profession the better off we will all be.


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