Mission or Opportunity

November 25, 2014

Do you work for your non-profit because you believe in the mission of the organization or because it is a good opportunity for you? I do for a combination of both but let me make a brief case for each.

Mission keeps the direction clear and gives you another reason to get out of bed. You have to have at least a little bit of passion if you want to be a fundraiser. People have to be convinced that you really believe in what you are doing. If the mission of your organization really makes you tick that is a great thing. Having mission can clarify and motivate you to do the work that you do.

The field of fundraising has grown a great deal in the last number of years and more and more people are calling their jobs a profession. More and more organizations are paying attention to best practices and strategic fundraising than ever before. For these reasons and more the non-profits we raise money for deserve a tried and true fundraiser. Opportunity means that your organization challenges you and that staff are valued and given the chance to grow. If you feel like your job challenges you and you see new areas of work for yourself it makes you feel comfortable with your future with the organization.

In order for us to be content in the job that we are in we need to have a little bit of both in the very least. I hope we can continue to provide environment for people to learn and make a difference.