A Few Event Rules

February 23, 2009

I am not an events person. The last couple of months I’ve been running a number of fundraising events. I thought it might be valuable to talk about a few of the rules and mistakes that I’ve learned along the way. I imagine many of you are solid events people so just take this time to laugh at me and please send any thoughts or advice. Today I’ll focus on a few of the rules.

  • Plan in advance; invitations need to go out at least 6 weeks before the event.
  • Generally don’t have events on Friday evenings or weekends. People are not as interested in attending events as this is their time for socializing.
  • If it is a house party it is often common practice for the host to cover the cost of the food. If it is another kind of event often times the nonprofit (or sponsors) will cover the cost.
  • Take time before the event to prep key staff that will be at the event on who is coming. It can work really well to have an action plan for a few of the guests before the event starts.
  • It is often common practice to send thank you letters right after an event. Prepare these letters in advance so guests receive them within a couple of days of the party.