Join an Interactive Community?

Ok, so I’m getting excited about a new idea. Who would get excited about all of us together starting an online community where we promote each other’s online fundraising?

Would you be willing to commit to comment and vote for each other to win/raise money for your organization? Online fundraising can be really hard especially when you’re first getting started. But through this blog maybe we can make it easier for everyone.

Here are a couple of ideas that I’m thinking we could offer if together we decided to create this community.

  • Promotion of nonprofits who are competing for online grants & awards to help bring up your voting numbers
  • Forum discussions on fundraising and social media issues, along with forum leaders/experts to help coordinate and answer questions
  • Live video feed discussions where I will (or try to) answer any social media or nonprofit question from your nonprofit
  • A resource for you to ask questions and provide outside advice on how your organization can think about social media and online fundraising questions

This idea will not work unless I get a flood of responses from all of you. Please send me an email or leave a comment (or both!) if you would like to join. If you would be willing to co-lead a component this concept please send me an email and I’d love your input.

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As we plan and think about this feel free to invite your friends or let other nonprofits know about this idea. What does that mean?

  • RT (retweet) this post on Twitter
  • Put a link to it in your Facebook status update
  • Send a couple emails to friends and see if they’d be interested

7 Responses to Join an Interactive Community?

  1. Tim Troutman says:

    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to seeing it put in place.

  2. Paul Cheney says:

    Yep. I’ll participate. I’ll do anything I can to get this up and running.

  3. If you do go with this option, I recommend hosting Beth Kanter among others. Her blog is at and she is a guru in social networking and online fundraising campaigns.

  4. Oh yeah, perhaps a wiki would be a good tool in this situation as well. You can exchange ideas and collaborate in real-time on projects defining fundraising.

  5. Sandra Sims says:

    Jason – I like the idea of spreading the word about nonprofit’s efforts. Twitter is easy for that. When you need more than 140 characters LinkedIn is great for discussions. The Nonprofit Professionals Forum seems to be one of the most active groups I’m in on LinkedIn.

  6. I’m starting to appreciate a bit more for things like this…

  7. Jason Dick says:

    Thanks for everyone’s comments and feedback. I’m not as worried about the medium as I am about people being willing to engage. I have thought of it initially as a formal or informal group that would let me know they were going for an online award and as a group together we could tweet about it or promote it online.

    This would allow those that are newer to fundraising with social media to have a group that would help seed online success. Initially I saw my blog using forums or discussion groups as a way of talking about issues. The main portion would essentially be a group of people that said something like send me an email or post on your blog about it and I’ll vote for it or retweet it. What do you think about that idea?

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