Celebrating Success

One of the most important elements in motivating co-workers is building an environment that celebrates success. I’m not talking about a little cheer when you get a big gift (although that works for some people). We need to take regular time to talk about what is going well and why.

Celebrating success is important especially in economic times like these. We will all have harder seasons to fundraise than others and for many people knowing that you did a great job is what will get you through.

I try and start my regular meetings by taking a quick opportunity to mention some of the successes and praises since the last time we met. Make sure that credit is going where credit is due. If you are getting someone else’s praise mention the good work that individual did to help you succeed. This will build your relationship with your co-workers as well.

Here is the tricky part, try not to flatter, over celebrate, or be too cliché. Many times just mentioning the specific success and a small piece of why it was successful is the perfect amount. Your co-workers know when you are flattering them (and although it may work for some it works in reverse for others) so make sure you are being authentic about your recognition.


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