Get on the Phone

We live in a different world than 15 years ago. When I communicate with my friends a lot of it is done over email, twitter, and texting. I don’t pick up the phone and call my friends as much as I use to. In the development world I am constantly amazed at how much information is available over the internet. LinkedIn has been a huge resource in terms of finding some new prospects and connecting with local business people.

In spite of the power of email and LinkedIn, I have still found that prospects respond the very best to phone calls. It is too easy to ignore an email or a letter, with a phone call you can hear their voice and someone has to actually respond. Another advantage is you can deal in real time with someone’s questions, concerns, and objections. I try to respect the “no’s” and “I’m not interested” responses that I get when I talk with potential donors. But, I have often found that people want another touch point before they commit to a one-on-one meeting. You might catch an off-handed comment on the phone that turns into them attending an event you might have never talked with them about.

When building a new portfolio of donors getting on the phone and making a handful of calls is going to get a way better response than sending off a number of emails or letters. A strategy that includes an email or letter with a follow-up phone call can work really well. The individual has been given an opportunity to respond on their terms and they know if they do not they know you will be following up with them on the phone.

How often are you on the phone?  Thoughts and strategies?  Join the conversation at @infosmallchange #ascblog


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