YOU are a valuable tool!

I had the privilege recently of participating in Jim Shapiro’s Better NonProfit Conference which was designed to help development professionals and other non-profit folks to grow, lead, and fund their organizations.  The speaker line up was solid, content really helpful, and the project reminded me of how valuable other development professionals are to me.

I have never come across a professional fundraiser who has it all figured out and I for sure  know I haven’t.  Each of us has unique perspectives that have been informed by years of fighting and flourishing and cumulatively, these years of experience shape our philosophy, best practices, as well as the way that we formulate and try new strategies.  All too often, we do not make these rich and cumulative experiences available to one another.

In my view, there is no risk is sharing our best ideas.  Understandably, if we are in consultative roles and our fundraising products and services are licensed and trademarked, that’s a different jam.  But for the most part, I am increasingly convinced that consistent and intentional conversations among fundraisers are among the most valuable tools that we have.  What we impart to one another in terms of things we see working well, successes we have been surprised by, and challenges we did not expect adds significant value in terms of how we plan and design our next moves and plans.

Prioritize time to meet with other fundraisers.  Share.  Ask.  Listen.  Encourage.  And do it again.  We can be invaluable tools for one another, it’s just a matter of making it happen.

Who are you connecting with?  What are you learning from other organizations?

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