A valuable tool from the archives: Handwritten Notes

When was the last time you received a handwritten note? I can count on one hand the number of handwritten notes that I’ve received in the last six months. If you eliminate holiday cards and birthday cards that just have a signature on it, then it’s even less. Another remarkable thing about the handwritten notes I’ve received over the last six months is that I can tell you who they were from and what they said. Have you ever received a handwritten note that you didn’t read?

How many emails have you received in the last six days? Can you remember even half of them or who sent them? One of the advantages of a handwritten note sent during today’s digital world is that they are so rare. Emails and even phone messages will often be immediately deleted or forgotten. How many letters and emails do you get that you never even read?

Handwritten notes are a great way to say thank you. You can say the same thing (or even less) in a handwritten note than in an email and it often means more because you took the time to write it yourself. The thank you will often be kept and read again if it is in paper form, whereas in email it will just be archived or deleted.

Another great use for notes or invitations is to make an introduction. If I receive the same note in email and handwritten form, there is a better chance I will follow up with the handwritten note. Notes are a great way to invite a VIP on a tour or for an introduction meeting. Mention that you are going to follow up with a phone call.


6 Responses to A valuable tool from the archives: Handwritten Notes

  1. Great points, Jason! Who doesn’t love getting “real” mail? I always tell my clients to personalize their mail as much as possible. Committing to writing 5 notes per month is something every executive director can do.

  2. This is a great topic. In 27 years of giving, mostly to my own clients, I received one very memorable note. I gave a small amount to a client’s annual Gala since I could not attend. To my surprise, I received a thank-you from the Board Chair, someone I did not know! My client told me that the Board Chair was an attorney and mom, but committed to personally thanking all 25 corporate donors. That little note made me feel great and very much appreciated. You do not have to know the person to thank them and a note from the highest ranking Board member makes a big difference.

  3. I agree with so little mail comining in a mailbox anymore. If you really want to stick out from the crowd send a real letter. No one else is!

  4. Sara Grosi says:

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