One from the Vault: Relationships

Excited to share this straightforward and thoughtful reminder from Jason Dick:

Too often, we don’t ask the hard questions and share our real challenges, joys, and struggles. We do this because we are afraid of letting people into our worlds and of what they might think if they really knew who we are. What if people saw our weaknesses, understood our motivations, and witnessed our actions? How we build and manage relationships personally (and professionally) is often not all that different from how we manage our organizations.

Too many organizations are afraid of sharing actual struggles with their constituents. We have become really good at framing our weaknesses as strengths and focusing stakeholders’ attention on successful areas. This can be a valuable skill, but if it is all we do we miss a key opportunity to grow relationships with our donors.

Take time to really get to know your donors. Ask them who they are and why your organization is important to them. Share with them what challenges you are facing as well as the exciting things that are happening at your nonprofit. Elevator pitches are great if you only have a minute. But even more valuable is the ability to share honestly about what your experience with the organization is and why that is meaningful to you and those that you serve. When we take too much time to frame a response, we often lose the urgency and personal part of the message.

Are we sharing our struggles with our support community in a way that’s growing relationships?

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