Time is assuredly not on our side.

Oh that song and those Rolling Stones singing ‘tiiiiiiiime, is our our side, yes it is….’

Well, Mick, for the fundraiser in today’s obscenely fragmented and fast moving culture time isn’t on our side, at all.  In fact, lacking time to get everything done, setting priorities, and addressing time management issues with the latest strategies can be one of the biggest challenges we face as development professionals.

Considering the full scope of work, we have current supporters to connect with, prospects to meet, events to plan, tweets to tweet, Facebook posts to post, appeal letters to write, staff meetings to attend, team members to manage, new ideas to come up with, old ideas to do away with, conferences to try and get to, emails to send, notes and contacts to add to our donor database, reports to run, lapsed donors to re-engage, and it just never, ever seems to end.

So what can we do?

There are times in the life of every professional when we realize that increasing the likelihood of meaningful and sustainable success is no longer about working harder and faster (as long as we are there already).  It is actually about working more creatively, thoughtfully, and more responsibly with the time that has been entrusted to our care by the agencies that pay us.  It is here, in this process, that much can be done to get ahead and stay ahead.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be offering a new series on how best to manage our time and I’m hopeful to drum up some good ideas and helpful insights.  I’ll try to be quick about it.

Join the conversation at @infosmallchange #ascblog



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