One from the Vault – Elusive Prospects

Grateful for these helpful words from Jason Dick in our first installment of ‘One from the Vault,’ featuring older posts that warrant revisiting:

We all have those prospects which we can never get on the phone. I had a great question in my post, This Thing Called Follow-up, and I wanted to provide a bit more of a comprehensive response.

It is almost always difficult to connect with a new prospect as nobody likes to receive a phone call from a stranger. Building your fundraising programs via people in the community who have never given and have little connection to your organization will always be a challenge.

If these are prospects that could be movers and shakers for your organization, think carefully about who calls them. Send a list around your board meeting to see who might know this individual or a way to connect with them. If you have to do a cold call to them, you might get a lot further if it is the CEO, ED, or President of your organization making the first call. Sometimes it can be helpful to have your board chair or one of your board members who is really well respected in the community or charismatic make the call.

You will always be more successful if you have a reason to connect with the people you are trying to reach. Whether they are patients, individuals that live near the charity, or people that you believe have a common interest, providing a valid reason why you are calling can help people feel more comfortable in calling you back. I have sometimes found that providing a small amount of personal information can help warm someone up to follow-up as well. Too much information will turn everyone off but a quick word about why this message has meaning to you may help in getting someone to return your call.

How are you planning your prospect calls?  Join the conversation at @infosmallchange #ascblog


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