Business Sponsors Are Awesome

It’s just that simple.  When we have come along side our Champions and coach them into creating pathways for partnership at the businesses they own or work for, inviting these same businesses to sponsor our big events follows naturally and is a win win.

Last November, the agency I work for hosted it’s second annual fundraising gala and had the privilege of partnering with 4 different businesses who were featured sponsors at different levels.  We officered a tiered model of sponsorship fee incentives that created space for small to large partners to jump in with us.  The incentives that we offered for our Platinum Sponsors at the $10,000 level (tiered down for Gold and Silver) included:

  1. One full table for ten guests with priority table placement
  2. Name and logo displayed prominently on event web page
  3. Company name & logo will repeatedly be seen every bid on the reverse of each guest’s bid card
  4. Verbal recognition during dinner and name and logo displayed during live auction
  5. Full page printed recognition in our program
  6. Company name & hyperlink in a follow-up blog
  7. Exclusive Platinum Level Sponsorship Recognition
  8. Thanks and mention on Facebook and Twitter

It’s a big deal when our agencies can offer value to help our business partners.  Clearly, cultivating business sponsorships helps our agencies significantly as they mitigate the costs of putting on a great event.  And, having our event costs mitigated by business sponsorships helps our supporters to give because we can communicate to them during the Ask that ALL of their support will go directly to our cause.  So, actually, it’s a win, win, win.

What other incentives are you offering to business sponsors?  Join the conversation at @infosmallchange #ascblog


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