Let’s Talk Business.

We’ve had some great responses and feedback on our recent post about finding and cultivating Champions for our agencies, and how their throwing a party can be an effective and fun way to acquire new donors.  Folks have asked about other ways to empower and leverage our champions to diversity our support network, so we’ll offer another here.

Most of our champions who are giving generously have jobs.  They work for all sorts of companies doing all sorts of things in all sorts of roles.  And, the reality is that regardless of their specific roles and responsibilities, our Champions can negotiate discovery and access opportunities for philanthropic efforts within their businesses to support our causes.  It is also becoming increasingly common for businesses to seek out cause based agencies to fund and support to enhance their branding, bolster employee satisfaction, and to catalyze tax benefits.

When asked, coached, and encouraged to do so, our champions can engage the organizations they work for in the following ways on behalf of our agencies:

  1. Registering our agency as a beneficiary for workplace giving campaigns
  2. Rallying teams or colleagues for in-kind donations
  3. Soliciting one time gifts
  4. Creating lunch-time presentations on our work and how folks can get involved
  5. Requesting incentivized event sponsorships (more on this next week!)

There can often be barriers to accessing decision makers to pitch the ideas listed above, but often times our Champions can be the very folks to overcome these barriers and develop partnerships.  It’s our job to help and encourage them to do so!

What other ideas are out there for partnering with businesses through our Champions?  Join the conversation at @infosmallchange #ascblog


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