Where are the Champions?

We development pros work hard to strengthen the relationships we have with folks who have given to our agencies and we call the process ‘retention.’  We also work really hard to build new relationships with folks who have not given to our agencies before, and when they do give for the first time we call in ‘acquisition.’  Both areas of focus and the strategies and tools we leverage to make it happen are very important to the fiscal success of our development plans.

It’s no secret that in particular, doing all the acquisition work all by ourselves is daunting, exhausting, and in reality, ineffective.  So, we partner with our Executive Director, Board, and volunteers to help the process along.  This increases our effectiveness.  However, there is another primary resource we can leverage for the acquisition of new supporters (insert drum roll…..):  our existing supporters!

We might call them ambassadors, major donors, partners, or stewards; the names vary but the roles are the same.  These are the standout relationships that are committed to our work, giving joyfully and/or generously, can articulate our mission, and just love what we our respective agencies are doing.  These are the individuals and couples that send us emails to ask how they can help, call us to ask when the next event is, and share all of our social media posts immediately.  And, these are also the individuals and couples that are often times, when asked, are very much game to introduce, connect, solicit, and engage other folks in their community for the sake of our agency.   Let’s call them champions, and it’s critical that we know who they are.

Our champions can help us connect to donor prospects in a variety of ways and in next few posts, we’ll talk about some of the best ways to do this.

How are you identifying the champions for your agency?  Join the conversation at @infosmallchange #ascblog.



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