How to create a monthly giving program.

Terrific follow up post on the ‘how to’ of monthly giving from our friend Josh Collier at Tacoma YFC:

Okay, you’re sold, monthly giving should be more than an option on a response card. But then, what should it be? Here are three keys to a successful monthly giving program:

  1. Invite people to join something (don’t merely ask them to give monthly):

Now we’re talking about branding: creating a monthly giving program with a unique name and voice that fits with the mission of your organization. A great example of this is IJM’s Freedom Partner program: “As a freedom partner you can send justice – right now.” IJM is asking you to join a special group of people whose efforts together accomplish a goal.

  1. Offer a simple and attainable value proposition (don’t throw out random gift numbers):

Invite people into something amazing, something larger than themselves, but also something an affordable monthly gift can impact. The best method for this (although not feasible for every cause) is to list giving levels with what they accomplish. But even if you aren’t able to develop that level of clarity, it is still essential that you clearly spell out what the giver’s monthly gift will do – and it’s equally important that you relate that not to ‘things and stuff’ but to the end beneficiaries of your programs.

  1. Thank with an impact story every month (don’t just send them the same receipt letter everyone else gets)

Remember that you’ve invited these people into something amazing, so treat them that way! Every month it should be your mission to help those monthly givers understand that their gift is without doubt impacting lives. And always fit that message into your mission of your organization and the branding of your monthly giving program. If I was crafting a message for IJM, for example, it would read something like this: “So and so was in trouble, but because you sent justice this month, we were there to help… here’s what happened.”

With this intentionality, monthly giving can be moved from a checkbox to a program that is accessible and exciting for more givers. And the bonus point: monthly givers are some of the most dedicated and consistent givers and advocates.

Would love to hear the names of some of your monthly giving programs?  Join the conversation at @infosmallchange #ascblog.


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