Value Offers

What a privilege and help it is when our supporters and prospects provide candid feedback to us.  I mean, really candid feedback.  The kind that can sting a little bit, but, will without a doubt help us to strengthen our relationship with those that are giving said feedback as well as help us improve our efforts to connect with others.  Here are some helpful examples:

  1. ‘I don’t have a lot of time, just tell me what’s new.’
  2. ‘A couple email updates a year will suffice for me, no need to keep in touch.’
  3. ‘I don’t do events.’
  4. ‘We’re giving to a lot of different places, so our giving will remain modest.’
  5. ‘You need to help me understand more clearly how my gift is being used.’

You get the picture.  This is good stuff.  Especially #5.  Giving our supporters and prospects clear value offers is a critical way to frame an ask, as well as communicate the gifts they are giving are impacting those we seek to serve in real time, in real ways.  It’s imperative that we have crisp, clear, and up to date value offers at our fingertips.  Some very basic examples might be:

  1. A gift of $100 provides 25 meals to families in need
  2. A gift of $250 provides one month of medical and dental services for our clients
  3. A gift of $500 provides 5 welcome baskets for new residents at our emergency shelter

Tangible.  Measurable. And hopefully, compelling.  These should be the ways that we describe our value offers and doing so will increase the likelihood of positive giving decisions, and, candid feedback that is positive.  A win-win.

What are you value offers?  Join the conversation at @infosmallchange #ascblog.


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