Raise Supporters Not Support

Everyone always talks about fundraising as having to do with raising money or providing funds for an organization. I think that it could be worth our while to expand this idea to include activism in a more general sense such as advocacy and community activism. Volunteers and community members can be such incredible ambassadors for an organization.

I’d like to advocate that “development” or “fundraising” should be focused more on raising supporters than raising support. Why? Because I think fundraising is about developing people (see All Donors as Major Donors) not farming money. I also believe that if you can raise the community profile of your organization the funds will follow. If fundraising is relationship building and changing then I need to spend more time thinking about the donor than thinking about their donation.

Do you think that fundraising should include activism? Does your organization do any activism? Many times we limit activism to what happens in local and national government. But really activism can simply be the spread and the discussion of an idea. I’d love to hear from you as to what you are doing and if your organization is involved in activism, please leave a comment below.


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