Ice Breakers Part Two

A couple of years back I posted about Icebreakers that we use in conversations with donors, prospects, board members, etc. You provided some really great ideas and feedback and I thought I’d include a few more that I’d heard from you and that I’ve used since my initial post.

  • What is the heart behind your gift?
  • Do you get joy from your giving?
  • What about our mission resonates with you?
  • Why do you give, what motivated you to reach out to us?
  • Are you a recipient of our services (have you been the the museum, listened to the radio station, been taken care of at our hospital, etc.)? What was your experience like?
  • One readers mentioned using directive statements like, “Tell me about your weekend,” or, “You need to give me the story on that necklace, it’s amazing,” or “We may know someone in common–here’s who I know at xyz corp.” (Thanks Chris!)
  • Did your parents participate in charity when you were growing up? Such as giving to a place of faith? (Thanks Beth Ann!)
  • How did you begin giving in the community? Did your family set an example? (Thanks Beth Ann!)

What questions are you known for asking? Do you use ice breakers when talking with board members and potential donors?


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