Never too late for New Year’s resolutions….

Oh boy.  Here it is.  2015.  For those of you whose fiscal years close in December, my hope is that y’all got to celebrate meeting or exceeding your fundraising goals, and that you threw a party and savored the success a few days at least, before diving back in.  And, for those of us whose fiscal year will close in July, my hope is that your year-end giving boomed fast and loud and you’ve got a crested and dense wave of momentum to ride into the New Year.  Followups,  thank-yous, coffees, lunches, getting to know you’s, all that great stuff.

As always, I’ve seen a ton of people making resolutions in their personal lives (many posted on social media) since we’ve got the fresh start of a new year and well, that’s what people do.  I don’t typically make any New Year’s resolutions but it occurred to me that thankfully, I learned a lot about leadership and development in this last year and, that I would be foolish not to implement some of these lessons.  So, I’m making some fundraising resolutions for 2015.  Here they are:

1.  I will be with more donors, prospects, and bridge-builders more often.  A no-brainer perhaps, but in no uncertain terms I’ve become increasingly convinced that the more often I’m sharing about my agency’s work, the better.

2.  I will work longer hours than protocol requires when it adds value and does not negatively impact my family.  Hey, I’m turning 40 this year, and I figure this is as good as it gets.  My time to shine so to speak.

3.  I’m going to readily acknowledge to those that need to know when and if I don’t know how to do something, or how best to move forward.  Pretending that I do, when I don’t, has never been helpful for anyone, ever.

4.  I will ask questions of creative, talented, and innovative development professionals and leaders and leverage their ideas, as appropriate, to enhance my own efforts.  Collaboration counts, big time, and none of us know it all.

5.  I will blog here, and use #ascblog @infosmallchange to try and create some buzz for us good folks out there trying to raise money for amazing causes and am sincerely hoping you will too.

Would love to hear what you are going to do differently in 2015?


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