Donor Transformation

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked with a donor about the difference they are making. Donors provide food for a food bank, money to renovate a new play house, scholarships for low-income students, or whatever it is that your organization does. I’ve had a thousand conversations about the lives that donors are transforming and how we are going to use their dollars to make a difference. But to be honest with you that’s not the part of my job that I like the very most.

Giving changes the heart & life of the donor. I don’t mean some karmic type of thing where what comes around goes around. I mean when people are generous it enlarges their heart. I have had a unique opportunity to be a part of watching donors lives change for the better because of their giving & volunteering. Every serious donor would never tell you that the money is at the heart of their giving.

I will continue to share about the incredible work that organizations that I’ve worked for do because they really are making the world a better place. However, what I celebrate when the door is closed is the impact I’m having on donors I’ve worked with. I’d like to continue that celebration with you.

Are you a fundraiser that has seen the lives of a donor change? Maybe you are that donor and have had your life seriously impacted by a donor rep. I would love to tell your story on this blog. Visit the transformation tab and share your story. It will be an encouragement to me and to thousands of other fundraisers.


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