Campaign Constipation

We have all been there when we are in the middle of a campaign or plan and everything slows down to a crawl. Sometimes this happens because we have not planned enough, or because we need to build critical mass, but other times it happens because of external things you cannot control. Fundraising can sometimes take a bit of slugging.

When I find that internal forces are blocking a campaign from moving forward I find that short strategic regular meetings have helped me push forward. Think through exactly what blocks you have and what it will take to get past them. If you have really stalled out it’s going to take a number of “concentrated charges” or strategic meetings to “break the line” you will probably have to encourage movement a number of times.

Take some time to think through your meeting in your head, what will people say, how will the meeting flow? Then set up your agenda in such a way that you can make sure to cover the important items needing completion. I often use my agendas as my action plan so it will have actual steps from our development or campaign plan on it.

When your campaign slows down more than anything else you need to be patient and persistent. Any advice or proven strategies you have to move forward when internal pressures slow you down?


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