Keep on Keeping On

Every nonprofit has hard times. Here are some of my thoughts if you need to push through tough times.

It is important to set short regular meetings & benchmarks. These do not need to be directly tied to finances. In fact make sure that some of them are not tied to finances. Have some measurable benchmarks such as: how many times you are talking to and meeting with donors, how many handwritten notes you are sending out, etc. Right now we need to be talking to donors and making new connections as often as we can. Setting benchmarks give us goals that we can meet when our financial goals seem unattainable or overly daunting. Doing a check in during a 10 to 15 minute regular meeting gives the team a rally point where they can share success, build momentum, and encourage moral.

Keep focused on your next step. Sometimes things slow to a crawl and that is just the way things are but we can’t let them stop. Talk openly about what the next big thing your team is working to get done.

In the areas that are keeping you from moving forward continue to try different strategies to move to the next step. If something doesn’t work try something else and don’t be afraid to try the same thing again.

I’d love to hear from you and what you have found successful to keep yourself or your office going. What do you do in your office or with your team to move things forward when fundraising slows down?


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