Will You Be My Volunteer?

How many of you value volunteers and volunteer recruitment as highly as donor stewardship? Some organizations I’ve worked for have their volunteer programs held within the development office other have them elsewhere.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the nonprofit; they serve on your board, often serve your clients, keep your front desk staffed, fold your letters, and provide you with community connections. And, every organization I’ve ever worked for has periodic problems with their volunteers, problems finding the right ones and getting them to help with the right projects.

One trick you can use is the very same thing you do with your major donors. If you are looking for a volunteer to help you with a key task at an organization (or are trying to recruit a particular person) why not set it up similar to a solicitation. Set a time to sit one-on-one and talk with the potential volunteer. Ask them about why the organization is valuable to them, or if they are new tell a quick story about your organization. Then make a case as to why you need them or need their help. Then ask them.


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