The Water Cooler

How much time do you actually spend at the water cooler? I’m going to make the case for spending just a little bit more time there.

Internal relationships are often the key to fundraising success. If you have the support of your fellow fundraisers and program staff your job will often become a lot easier. Sometimes work gets really busy and you have to put your head down and work hard, and that’s fine. But in the off times and when you need a breather I encourage you to build relationships with your co-workers. I’m not talking about hanging out after work only knowing enough that you can really ask how their week is going.

When you have built a solid relationship with your co-workers it is easier for you to get things done when it gets stressful again. People give you a break when they know you better. I find sometimes we will talk about ideas we have and get updates on donors. There are a lot of things we forget to share with each other until we are in the middle of a conversation and it becomes relevant.


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