The Fundraising Advantage

What are some of the advantages of working in fundraising and in the nonprofit world? Below are a few of my ideas. Feel free to leave some of your own in a comment: Why are you in fundraising? What would be a few advantages that I missed?

You have a great opportunity to spend 8 hours a day working to make a difference in your community. This kind of work makes a difference to me in feeling like I am personally making an impact. One of the greatest benefits of this industry is that personal initiative makes a huge difference. If you want to make an impact or difference you can. Because personal initiative is so important there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit, even in many larger shops, that wants to do work in new and different ways.

As a fundraising professional you have the opportunity to meet really generous people that are using their resources and volunteer time to make a huge difference. It can be inspiring to see the level of influence that some of these people have and watch them use it to benefit your organization. It can also be really fun to meet influential and powerful people and get to work with them.

Fundraising is very relationship based and is a great environment to be involved in peoples lives. Because we talk to people about their money and issues that are important to them we have a great opportunity to potentially impact lives. I think this is the number one reason why I do what I do… it’s way more about people development than anything else.


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