To Measure or Not to Measure

It is always good to make every attempt to have and provide measurable results to your donors. I have found, that sometimes we do not have the opportunity to do this to the degree we would like to or should. I have been frustrated many times with how little measurable and tangible things that I am raising money for.

If we do not have enough measurable tangible results in what you are fundraising for try talking with your. Explain to them how important it is that donors know you have a plan for donation. If you think that is impossible to connect every donor to a specific gift take World Vision, they raise around $2 billion dollars a year and their money goes all over the world. But they can tell every donor what goat they purchased or which child they are sponsoring.

It is hard to tell a donor that their gift has made a difference unless you are using their specific gift to make a difference. Sure this will be harder with a gift of $20 than with a gift of $2,000 but it is important to find creative ways to do this. Use one hundred $20 gifts to make the same difference that the $2,000 gift is making.

I should say that the reason why so many fundraisers do not do this is because they want to keep money unrestricted. But you can show measurable results and a strategic direction without raising only restricted money. I’ve found that donors don’t always care exactly where their money is going they just want to know that it is going to something specific. If you can show the donor specific things money is going to they will feel more comfortable.


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