Oh No! Not Another Good Idea

Do you ever feel like you have way to many ideas?  Or do you feel like you have a lot of great ideas and things you want to do but never end up with time to get them done?  How do you manage your good ideas?  Do you ever find yourself partway through a new book on fundraising and are overcome with the number of programs or techniques you want to change?

Every couple weeks there is something new that I want to try and almost every day there is a story or publication that I want to tweak to be more donor-centric.  I’ve found that if you don’t make new ideas a priority they will never happen; there are too many daily things in the life of a fundraising professional.  New ideas are also many times very scary for those around you to implement and support.

There are many techniques and things you can do to support new ideas in your office.  Set aside time every day to plan and think about the future.  Mark 15 minutes a day off your calendar or an hour a week with the intention of doing nothing but thinking and planning out the next step.  Many of you probably already do this as part of your normal schedule.  Make a list of every new idea you have good or bad.  If you start creating a list soon you will start to see patterns and many times it leads to implementing these ideas in some way.  After a few months of working with this list sometimes I will send a revised version to my boss or a colleague and say here is a list of ideas do any of these resonate with you?

New ideas are important especially in difficult financial times and as we prepare to fundraising with the next generation.  We need to be nimble and cutting edge as an industry or we will cease to be successful.  Foster a spirit of entrepreneurship in your office, encourage your staff to think outside of the box, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Have you tried something new in the last couple months?  Leave a comment and share it with us.


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