Sample Solicitation Semantics

Try to say that ten times fast. Sample solicitation semantics… Sometimes we get lost in the semantics of how to ask for a gift so I thought I’d provide you with some examples of ways you can ask for money.  There are thousands of unique programs and partnerships that you could create to help in asking for a gift but I’m talking here about one-on-one solicitations.  Below I’ve included several different “asks” this would be the part of the solicitation where you actually ask them for their gift.

  • I’d like to invite you to give a gift in the range of $1,000 to $2,000 over 2 years
  • Would you consider a leadership gift at the level of $5,000?
  • Would you match my gift of $1,000?
  • We are talking with you today about two gifts.  One, we would like you to maintain your annual gift of $500.  Second, we invite you to consider a stretch gift of $1,500 to the campaign.
  • Would you consider a challenge gift of…
  • We are going to a handful of lead givers to secure the initial lead gift for our campaign…
  • Would you give a lead gift in the range of $25,000 to $50,000 to this campaign?
  • We would like to invite you to consider a gift of $100,000 to name the new computer lab.
  • Your gift will encourage giving among the other board members.  Would you be willing to set the bar for others and for this campaign with a gift of $10,000?

You can also try a combination of any of the sayings above.  I’m sure that you have many other ways that you have asked for a gift, leave a comment and share them.


One Response to Sample Solicitation Semantics

  1. Jason,

    These are great and offer good jumping off points for fundraisers and solicitation volunteers. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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