Be Quiet!

I’ve mentioned this in previous post but I wanted to hit on the point in a little bit more depth.  After you have asked for a gift or even for a volunteer’s involvement and help their should be silence.

The next person to talk should not be you, it should be the donor.  Many people get nervous and feel like they have to fill the silence with other asks or other stories.  But if you do not give the donor the opportunity to talk you will never find out if they will or can give the gift you asked for.  And if you are not silent you will never be able to respond to the reasons they have for why they cannot give.  After you ask for a gift you need to be quiet and wait for a response.

This silence and waiting can be one of the hardest parts about asking for money.  It is worthwhile to talk with the individual who is going with you about “the ask” and mention that you both need to be silent and wait for their response.  One technique I’ve heard of before is to intentionally take a drink of water or a sip of coffee.  This forces you to stop talking and can take away some of the perceived awkwardness.

Do you have any stories of not taking a minute of silence to let the donor speak?  Or any advice as to how to remind yourself and the other solicitors to listen?


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