Barometer or Board Member

I’ve mentioned this on some level before (More About Using Board Members) but I thought I’d speak here in a little more depth. I have found board members and advisory level volunteers to be great barometers for how my organization is viewed publicly. Often these people will tell you what they really think when someone else will not. They will also do so in such a way that includes advice as to what you can do to improve.

Beyond simply invaluable feedback your board is often your best connection to the community. Your largest donations often come from a board member’s connections and your board member’s solicitations. If you are a small or large organization using your board members to help you engage and raise money from the community is one of the best things you can do. Because board members are volunteers their opinions to the public lend a great deal to your reputation. If they as a non-staff community leader say you are a great organization many will believe you are.

What ways are you using board members to advance your mission? Have you found them to be significant assets to your organization? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


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