Credit Card Processing for a Fundraising Campaign

If your nonprofit is doing any kind of fundraising, there’s a good chance you may be considering processing donations and payments with credit and debit cards.  Since so many people prefer to pay with plastic these days, it’s absolutely essential for your organization to integrate a credit card processing solution for your fundraising campaign. This will allow you to: accept online donations, process registrations and ticket sales on your fundraising website, and sell more products, auction items, or raffle tickets at your fundraising event.

Let’s review a few different types of payments nonprofits would likely process with credit cards:

  • Online donations: One of a nonprofit’s biggest goals is bringing in donations to help support your cause. With online credit card processing, you simplify the process for donors by allowing them to easily make online donations using a credit card vs. sending in a check. You can even get setup to take recurring donations on a monthly basis from your core supporters.
  • Online registrations & ticket sales: If your nonprofit is hosting a fundraising event, a merchant account would allow participants to easily register and make payments online. This frees up a lot of extra paperwork and bookkeeping from participants having to mail in checks. Add a point of sale system (POS system) making it possible for your organization to take credit card payments on-site at the event – allowing for last-minute ticket sales.
  • Auction Bidding & Payments: If a charity auction is part of your fundraising campaign, credit card processing will make the whole process easier for bidders by allowing them to store credit card data for quick check-out at your event or pay for items won or purchased via “buy now” pricing online. This is much easier than sending an invoice and collecting payments after the auction closes.
  • Sponsorships: If you intend to reach out to local businesses to sponsor your fundraising event, online payment processing can help streamline the process. Sponsors can review benefits of packages online, select a sponsor level that suits their needs, safely make payments, upload logos, etc.
  • Fundraising Merchandise: Do you intend to offer any fundraising merchandise for purchase as part of your fundraising campaign? Perhaps participants may be interested in purchasing visors or golf shirts in advance of your charity golf tournament. With a merchant services account, you can offer product sales on your fundraising website allowing participants to select products, sizes, make payments and receive items prior to the event.
  • On-site payments: If your nonprofit is hosting a conference or fundraising event such as a gala dinner, having a POS or mobile credit card processing system on site is a great way to easily collect credit card payments for last-minute ticket sales, fundraising merchandise, raffle tickets, food and drinks, etc. (by accepting credit cards, you don’t limit attendee spending by only accepting the cash they have on hand.)

Summary: Merchant services is an important part of fundraising as it opens up more opportunities for your nonprofit to raise more money by safely and securely processing credit card payments for online donations, ticket and product sales, sponsorship packages, and more!

DoJiggy Merchant Services (DMS) offers payment processing services for nonprofit organizations. With DMS, you’ll see lower rates, better customer service, POS terminals included at no cost, seamless integration with your organization’s fundraising website, and they even include a Free Donation Website when you sign up.


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