Micro vs. Macro

For the first time ever, Micro-enterprise in some instances can be more powerful than macro-enterprise. What does that mean? It means that a small organization that is serving a very specific need may be the best tool to address a problem. For example a large relief organization might be able to help 30 villages in Africa, but a small organization focused on helping one village may do a better job. A small nimble organization in that instance can understand the needs of the village and respond specifically too them. The large organization is trying to run programs that fit with all the villages.

What does that mean regarding fundraising? It means that with online giving and social networking you can be just as powerful as UNICEF, World Vision, or St. Jude’s. How you might say? Well first you need to make sure that you have a very specific mission. No organization can be all things to all people so make sure to know what your strengths are. From that point find different mediums where you can get your message out their in a compelling way to the masses. Start a blog or create a website for your non-profit. Use social networking tools and your existing donor base to launch you into the online community.


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