Fundraising is Not a Narcotic

Over the last few months I have been secretly peddling drugs. My blog was hacked and, unknown to me, written into the metadata was advertising for a narcotic. I’m very sorry that I did not catch it sooner. I deleted my site and reposted everything and have solved the problem.

I was thinking about what I want my website to be about and I reflected on what fundraising is about. There is not a lot in common between fundraising and drugs. Fundraising is about capacity building for good work in our communities. It is about providing people a chance they never had before.

However some people seem to steer clear of fundraising as if it was worse than you local dealer. Fundraising is not a narcotic. It is an opportunity for us individually and as a community to make a difference.


2 Responses to Fundraising is Not a Narcotic

  1. Brian says:

    HA! Stumbled upon this and had to read it. I agree, sometimes people find themselves avoiding fundraisers like the plague…or like they’re a narcotics dealer. :-)

  2. Sierra says:

    When it comes to fundraising, I know more than enough people who would rather run a marathon than ask for a donation, but this is a great way to think about it. Fundraising changes lives, just as community service does. What we need to realize is that nothing is going to change in the community unless we work to change it. Many times this needs to be done through fundraising. Thanks for the fresh perspective.

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