Sponsored Post: Online Fundraising Benefits

“With the help of our online software solutions, many of our customers have quadrupled the amount of funds raised in previous years.” DoJiggy Sales

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to consider taking your fundraising campaign online. Online fundraising provides an opportunity for nonprofits to spread greater awareness for their cause, while reaching more potential donors. Today’s easy-to-use software tools help administrators better plan and manage the various details of a fundraising event, while allowing participants to easily collect online donations and monitor their personal progress.

Find out how online fundraising software can help you raise more fundraising dollars, while saving you time and money!

Online Fundraising
The definition of fundraising: is “the process of soliciting and gathering contributions as money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or other agencies.” Therefore, online fundraising is the process of soliciting funds and gathering contributions by requesting donations ONLINE.

Online fundraising goes beyond the old fundraising strategies of mailing donation request letters and phoning family and friends. The software tools available today make collecting donations easier for participants, while helping organizers streamline the fundraising process and manage all the moving parts of a fundraising campaign.

Benefits of Online Fundraising:
1. One-Stop Fundraising “Hub”
By implementing an online fundraising campaign, you create a central “hub” where all information can be shared and data can be stored. Organizations create a fundraising website customized with pictures, logos and statements that explain the cause for the fundraiser, a fundraising thermometer to track progress against goals, along with event details such as: date, time, location, maps, etc. The website provides capabilities for processing all transactions including: participant registration, sponsor and volunteer sign-up, and the ability for donors to make secure, online payments.

2. Donation Collection & Payment Processing
Online fundraising is a great way to simplify the donation collection process previously handled by check and cash donations, and documented by paper. An online fundraising software solution allows for secure online payment processing via credit card. After transactions are made, you can track payments, manage recurring donations, and generate various financial reports.

3. Extending Your Reach
Another wonderful benefit of online fundraising is the ability to extend your reach beyond your community. Fundraising used to be about soliciting donations from co-workers, friends and family members, or walking door-to-door and asking neighbors. With online fundraising, your network expands globally. Participants may send email donation request letters that include a link to their fundraising website so people can easily make donations safely and securely. By asking people to forward your request to their network, you’re reach has now grown exponentially. With the new social networking tools available, participants can also post links on their profile pages asking people to make donations to help support their cause.


Guest Post provided by DoJiggy, LLC
DoJiggy LLC has helped more than 2,500 non-profit and community organizations accomplish their fundraising goals using our online software tools. Customers include Leukemia and Lymphoma society (LLS), Make a Wish Foundation, Meals on Wheels and various community organizations, schools and churches.
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