According to Giving USA in 2010, more than $290 billion was given of that 73% or $211 billion came from individuals and only 5% came from businesses.

It constantly surprises me how much time organizations spend with grants and businesses when there is so much more money in individual giving. As you can see from Giving USA and any other giving report is that the amount of money that is annually donated as a result of individual personal giving vastly exceeds the amount of money from businesses or foundations.

Business and Foundation fundraising is an important part of fund development but it can also be one of the most difficult areas to be successful. Businesses and Foundations have annual budget cycles and systems and guidelines that they must adhere to and the competition is much fiercer for a smaller pool of money. Individuals can give when and as often as they see fit.

Concentrate more of our time on talking with individuals about giving and often much of the business and foundation giving follows suit based on the connections you develop with individuals. Some Businesses and Foundations act as the way an individual give their money.

I’m always surprised with how much time is spent focusing on business giving. I believe it is because people are afraid to ask for money. When you ask for money from a business often you are not asking someone directly for their money. Why do you think people tend to focus so much on business & foundation fundraising?


2 Responses to Constituencies

  1. […] Constituencies, from Jason Dick’s A Small Change Blog, breaks down the Giving USA 2010 Source Contributions report. […]

  2. jeffbrooks says:

    Here’s the thing about giving… first and foremost people don’t like to do it… secondly it’s to complicated… set up a jar at a coffee shop and folks will gladly drop in their change, ask them to make a donation online they can’t be bothered to pull out their credit card… i’m not sure what the solution is… there’s a company called my broker donates, that works deals with real estate agents to donate part of their commission from the sale of a home for charity and I rarely find people can be bothered to do that… If you ever expect to see real gains money donated, the process needs to be easier…


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