Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Handling Objections

Nonprofit Giving CarnivalI am hosting this month’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival featuring common objections. Each of the authors below has provided some great content for us. The question I asked was, “What are common objections you hear at your organization and how do you respond to them?”

“Most of our employees just don’t make enough to give to charity.” This is a quote that Jane Kuechle on her blog Kuechle Consulting heard many times when she worked for United Way. Jane submitted a great post, Who Has The Capacity to Give? This post is an excellent reminder that giving is valuable at ever level. Don’t pass over asking someone for a gift just because they are not a millionaire.

“We need to spread our sponsorship dollar to other areas of the community.” Brett Ridge from CDS Global for Nonprofits writes a great post, Sponsors Change Personnel, Can You Roll With The Punches? Here are some great words of wisdom as you are handling your corporate relationships as part of your sponsorship program. Thanks Brett!

“I already know the needs – use your time to talk with others who don’t.” Check out The Collins Group Blog’s post, Overcoming Objections from Obstacle to Opportunity. We all know the difficulty of setting up a meeting with a new prospect. Barb Maduell has some great tips for how to L.I.S.T.E.N. and how to start a fruitful conversation.

Responding to Negative Feedback. Pamela Grow in her post, Successful Fundraising – Not for the Thin Skinned, has some great advice about receiving negative feedback. Take one person’s negative feedback for what it is – one person’s feedback.

Submit your post to the July Nonprofit Blog Carnival, hosted by Britt Bravo, focusing on your best time management tips. Thank you for your great submissions!


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