Solicitation Pre-Knowledge?

When you schedule an ask are you always clear that you will be asking for money?

When I’m preparing and scheduling solicitations I find that it is a bit of an art in having the conversation about why I am looking to schedule time to talk with a donor. When it is someone that I know is aware of the process I find scheduling a solicitation to be less of a challenge. Sometimes I’ve found people will try and give a preemptive gift if I let them know that I’m planning on asking them for a contribution. But, I hate to fully surprise people as well so I’ve found it valuable to have everyone on the same page.

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One Response to Solicitation Pre-Knowledge?

  1. I always try to prepare someone for the ask long before scheduling the visit for the actual ask. This is accomplished by sharing a very specific message with the prospect through a number of vehicles over a period of time. By the time I’m prepared to make the ask, the prospect is completely informed about the project, it’s impact in the community and I know how strongly the prospect feels about the project.

    So, when it’s time to schedule the ask, I usually just call and say, hi I’d like to give you an update on our progress of “project A”. And because of the leg work put in before the ask, the prospect knows that the ask is coming and is prepared.

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