GEO Map to Find Partners

Do you use Google Maps for directions or to plan a trip of places to visit? Well I’ve recently started using it as a tool to find new partners. It is a new idea that I’m trying out using GEO Mapping. We received a mailing list of 7,000 people that were worth a million dollars or more in our area. I wanted to see where these individuals with significant capacity were living and if they lived near our board members and volunteers. I know many of the neighborhoods around town that have capacity but I found a number of pockets that I didn’t realize existed.

How do you set up a GEO Map?

  1. I used a website,, to input a spreadsheet of addresses.
  2. This spreadsheet had the name, address, city, state, and zip.
  3. Once the addresses were loaded in I saved them as a KML file. KML is the file that Google Maps & Google Earth use.
  4. Then I opened up my Google Maps and uploaded the KML file to a private map.

If your list is larger than 2,000, you will need to break it into small groups; try doing it by city or zip code. The GEO Map produced a physical map of individuals in the region that I live that I could bring to a meeting or use to find board member’s neighbors with capacity. During a session to find new partners we can type in the address of the individuals we are working with and see specific people from the list that have been pre-identified near where they live or work to see if they know them.


2 Responses to GEO Map to Find Partners

  1. Jack Laverty says:

    Thanks for the idea. We have several sites across the nation where this might be a helpful process for them to use. Question, if I may ask, how did you acquire the list?

  2. Jason Dick says:

    Jack thanks for the comment. For this specific instance the list was purchased for a Marketing Project from a list building business. I’d be happy to provide a referral offline ( to a couple of good list building business.

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