What Do You Talk About?

Under what pretense do you set up a meeting with new potential supporters? What kinds of questions do you ask that have been effective in engaging new people?

In the last post, I talked about the value of using an individual’s expertise as a way to build a relationship and get some great feedback on your organization. What are some other kinds of meetings you’ve set up that have worked really well? Here are a few I’ve tried; I’d love to hear from you:

  • Monitor the community’s perception of the organization. This is a great barometer to measure what people think of your organization. You can also get a description of what people think your organization does.
  • Learn about their philanthropic passion. I am interested in what motivates people to give as I find that where they give is often an area of great personal passion.
  • What is their interest in the organization and/or community? It is always valuable to learn more about what connected an individual specifically to your organization or community.

One Response to What Do You Talk About?

  1. Brian Saber says:

    Great ideas but I bristled at the concept of “pretense.” The only way to develop strong relationships with donors is to go in without any pretense. And asking for advice, asking about interests, etc. are valid ways to build a relationship – no pretense there.

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