Committee Recruitment

Getting the right people involved is one of the most challenging parts of any project. In major gifts and capital campaign fundraising, committee recruitment is one of the most important elements to success. The first few meetings of a new committee are often focused on who needs to be in the room. It is easy for this conversation to start to feel repetitive. Like any kind of fundraising project, you need to have a number of committee prospects in order to create a good committee. It is better to have one solid committee than three small committees without the right people.

When committee recruitment starts to get difficult it is really easy to make a decision to focus on the next stage of the fundraising process. Committees often jump into naming fundraising prospects, talking strategy, or brainstorming ideas. It is foundational that you take enough time to recruit the right people for your committee. If you do not take the time to recruit the right people, every other task you try to complete will be twice as difficult.

If you are really struggling with committee recruitment, take some time outside of the committee meetings to have a strategic conversation with your key leaders. If you are not able to get the right people in the room, think about restructuring your committee to meet less often or maybe offer up a teleconference to get the right people there. Another option might be to see if you have another committee that could be wrapped into this project.


One Response to Committee Recruitment

  1. Cheryl Black says:

    Jason, you are spot on as to how important the committee is. In my time at nonprofits, I found that getting the ball rolling on committee recruitment is the toughest. However, once you have that first mover-n-shaker in the door, they often start engaging their peers which can lead to a very dynamic group. My suggestion is for nonprofits to focus on recruiting a couple great chairpeople and then engage them in the recruitment of others.

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