Question: Responding to Wealth Managers

I have had a number of conversations with Wealth Managers and Financial Planners. It is starting to become a regular occurrence where I get a phone call or a meeting with someone wanting to talk to me about a new investment strategy that can be presented to the major donors at my organization.

I have never been a part of an organization where major donors regularly attend a wealth management workshop. Nor have I found an organization that sends a lot of wealth management related mailing to their major donors. So how do you work with wealth managers? What kinds of partnerships have you created that are beneficial to your organization?


One Response to Question: Responding to Wealth Managers

  1. Janet Levine says:

    In my experience, the best use of wealth managers is to help you build (as in create or build up) your planed giving program. Ensuring that your organization is part of people’s estate planning will help you to ensure your organization’s future.

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