The System Is Down

When you leave a job, one of the best things you can leave behind is a working system and instructions on how to use that system. I was recently amazed at the number of tasks and jobs I do I never thought about until I had to write them down. It is also amazing how hard it can be to decipher someone else’s system without any notes or explanation.

I’ve always thought I was methodical and that everything I did made logical sense. Then someone else took a look at what I was doing and raised a number of questions that introduced a new perspective. Writing down your mental process provides you an opportunity to improve your regular flow of work and helps everyone to be on the same page. I found that this process allowed me to take the time to think critically about what is really essential in my processes and what is not essential.

Creating tried and true systems can be incredible for an organization. A good system makes our everyday tasks more efficient so we can spend our time growing the organization by talking with donors. Setting up a good system can be as simple as creating an acknowledgement process for donors or creating a checklist for an event. This is why capital campaign fundraising often allows an organization to move to the next level. Not only does campaign fundraising allow you to reach out to new donors, but it also creates a system to engage them in a meaningful ongoing way.


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