Do You Like Your Leader?

Employees can tell when their boss is frustrated with leadership. And, leadership can tell when you’re frustrated with them. As good as we think we are at hiding our emotions or feelings, our staff and co-workers know us well enough to determine our true feelings. How we feel about our leadership guides our work.

If you have employees that are struggling with finding motivation or are frustrated with the overall organization, your view of leadership will shape their responses. We look to our leaders to provide us support and answers for the work that we do not understand or need help doing. Staff will often rally behind their leader’s opinion of the rest of the organization. If those in leadership are frustrated with specific areas, it is likely that others will mirror that opinion.

Often leadership has some idea of your feelings. When people feel comfortable with each other they want to work collaboratively; when they are not comfortable, they lean on their organizational structures and silos. This latter kind of environment is not conducive to productive work or free flow of information. This is especially important when it comes to Major Gifts. Leadership has a key role to play with your largest donors.


2 Responses to Do You Like Your Leader?

  1. JC says:

    Any resources or suggestions for what non-manager employees and mid-level managers can do to try to turn these types of situations around? Or even for people who are organizational leaders?

  2. Sara Grey says:

    Good leaders give off a vibe that their staffs and clients alike can feed off of and become inspired by, even in the little day-to-day things. How good leaders greet everyone in the morning or how confidently they approach challenges, etc., can go a long way toward keeping good people in an organization.

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