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If you have not heard of Social Actions you should check them out. They are a group of innovative leaders in online social change, focused on pushing the edge of what can be done online and creating new opportunities to help nonprofits succeed.

One project they have going is a widget that promotes “social actions” for nonprofits. You can connect it to your site through sample html code or a plug-in you can find on their site. There are a number of websites and organizations on the internet looking to become the hub for volunteering or community action and it would take a full-time job just to keep track of them. This widget aggregates these sites into one place. No more searching the internet to find projects to promote or to get you message out there. – This link has general information about what applications connect to the Social Actions API. Here is a directory of apps including the “Social Actions Embeddable Widget” that I described above.

There are 70 online platforms participating in the Social Actions API have profile pages at You can also check them out individually.


One Response to Social Actions Widget

  1. Jason, thanks so much for drawing attention to Social Actions – and for the kind words! This is a great summary of the resources developed around the Social Actions API. The dataset is getting larger and more global all the time, which is great to see, and which makes it increasingly important to have really useful filtering and sorting apps that help people find the opportunities to take action that are most relevant to them. The apps in that directory address that in a huge variety of ways. One of my favorites is the Zemanta plugin – it actually proposes relevant actions as you’re typing a blog post or other online piece, so you can weave them into the text of whatever you’re writing. In addition to the apps, its worth noting too that some entire websites are now drawing from the entire Social Actions API to propose “actionable opportunities” that blend with their own multimedia content — visit and for examples of what that looks like, and more are coming online all the time. The lines are blurring between “fundraising spaces” and “nonfundraising spaces” online, as more and more actionable content is woven into all kinds of information-sharing…

    By the way, we’re participating in two nonprofit fundraising conferences your readers might want to know about:

    * International Fundraising eConference (Global), May 11-13,

    * Institute of Fundraising (UK) National Convention, July 5-7,

    For both of those, Social Actions will be presenting on the subject of “Breakthroughs in Online Fundraising: Designing and Aligning for the Emerging Philanthropic Web.” We’ll be suggesting general principles of design theory as a means to better understand recent online fundraising innovations: what makes the online environment unique, and how can we design fundraising efforts that fully leverage this environment?

    Thanks again for such a great shout-out to what we’re building. Just deepens our commitment to earning the “innovative and edge-pushing” adjectives you’ve used above :)


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