Talking About Taxes

Never talk about politics or religion. Have you ever heard that maxim? Does your nonprofit receive any grants or funding from the government? From education to social service, through government grants or tuition subsidies the government is certainly the nation’s largest donor for numerous organizations. As government budgets grow tighter one of the first cuts always seems to be the nonprofit world, particularly social service organizations.

We spend a lot of our time asking individuals and businesses to contribute to our organization. Maybe we need to spend more time educating people about the repercussions of declining government support. Often we stand on the sidelines watching government support dwindle. Why don’t we talk more about taxes? Even if it is just education about how taxes impact our organizations.

I’m interested to hear about how your nonprofits respond to these questions. Do your supporters know the impact of taxes on your nonprofit? Would you be interested in hearing more about what, as a nonprofit, we can and cannot do when it comes to advocacy?


2 Responses to Talking About Taxes

  1. Sara Silvia says:

    We do talk with our donors about taxes! In fact, we just published our annual tax day report explaining how individuals’ tax dollars are spent.

    We encourage people to advocate for the spending priorities they believe in.

    If your organization does want to educate people, feel free to use the tools on our website.

  2. ROBERT says:

    The Government giveth– the Government taketh away. There is no security for organizations who receive more than 50% of their revenue from public sector donors.

    The congressional staff always wants a photo op when the grant is announced…funny thing though–they never seem to be around when you get the word that next years funding has not been approved.

    If you get federal or state funds, you have to spend it or lose it. Is there any wonder that there is a limited amount of funds for grants? My advice is “Look elsewhere” and get off the governments payroll now.

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