The Sun Will Be Out Tomorrow

A couple months ago, I wrote a post, Want to Versus Need to Hear. I had some great follow-up comments from that post, but I didn’t really give any practical advice about how to cope with receiving unwanted but needed advice.

When I was heartbroken over some difficult issue at school, my father always had the same advice for me. My Dad would tell me, “no matter how bad it gets, it won’t feel as bad in the morning.” I’ve found that advice to be mostly true. Whenever I’m discouraged or frustrated, giving it a night’s rest has almost always worked in taming my emotions and giving me a better perspective. Wait to draw your final conclusions on your frustrating situation until the next day.

We all need to have confidence that we are doing a good job in some areas of our lives and of our work. What is it about your job that you know you can do well, an area you have received recognition? Remembering those moments can be helpful in getting through those experiences of weakness. Take a minute to think about the difference you have made as a member of your profession. Talk with a client you’ve gotten to know well and hear their story again.


One Response to The Sun Will Be Out Tomorrow

  1. Mark Brooks says:

    As this recession has lagged on I have found it depressing to say the least. Yet it seems that every time when I am about to throw the tool in something encourages me. This morning I had a message on Facebook from a high school mate that I frankly barely knew. He wrote that he had been positively influenced by my life during our days of HS. That was 35 years ago! Sometimes when you are discouraged thinking that what you are doing is not making a difference you have to realize the fruit of your effort might be in the future. So, despite discouragement keep doing what your doing!

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