Interdisciplinary Work

We all benefit from a diversified approach to our projects and donors. Last month I built the case that we are moving away from being solely advance practitioners into having a main area of experience and a hobby area. This kind of experience can benefit every area of fundraising. For example, the skills and perspectives of an online fundraiser finding connections and links to donors can be extremely beneficial to a Major Gifts Officer.

One benefit can be the use of your co-workers opinions and expertise on some of your major projects. If you’re writing a solicitation letter ask a Major Gifts Officer what messages are resonating with the donors they are talking with on a regular basis. Talk to your copy writer in annual fund about what kinds of letters are getting a better response. Pull in someone who works with your database to talk about how to segment your approach with different donors.

We all work with donors in a different way using methods and techniques that illicit different responses and information. Your introverted staff will have a different kind of conversation with a donor than your extroverted staff. You might find that your introverted staff has learned what questions get more focused answers from your donors. With your extroverted staff you may find they’ve found what stories and messages best reach your donor population.


One Response to Interdisciplinary Work

  1. Rebecca Wilson says:

    I’m in marketing which isn’t that much different from fund (acquisitioning and retaining consumers is very similar to finding and keeping donors). When I look for new marketing ideas for my games brands, I might go see what kind of campaigns the National Beef Council or Lane Bryant are running. I take an idea from a completely different industry, and I might completely transform it to suit the games and entertainment industry. No matter what cause or organization you raise funds for, you can take ideas from how people are raising money for completely different causes like relief in Haiti or cures for cancer.

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